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Dec 14 2008

Some notes that warm a teacher’s heart

I pick up a lot of notes and homework that my students like to “secretly” work on during class activities.  Most are just usual things like “what are you doing this weekend” or games of tic-tac-toe, but I get an occasional mushy love note.  Teenage drama!  This week I picked up one note conversation that maybe I should have let continue:

Blue pen: “Which project are you doing?”

Pink pen: “I don’t know I haven’t started.”

Blue pen: “Oh I want to do the writing one.  I’m doing carbon dioxide”

Pink pen: “Oh can we work with a partner”

Blue pen: “Yes only on the writing…I’m doing it because I have a the computer and I like to write.”

Not only were the students collaborating, they had also read the instructions and knew which project options were group and individual!

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